Master of Disaster

With your support, we can bring MOD to public schools nationwide. Join us as we build a resilient Philippines through education!


Let's build a more resilient Philippines!

Inclusive, informative, and fun-packed, the board game instills awareness of appropriate disaster response through the language of play, while promoting responsibility and the virtue of helping others. MOD encompasses frequently recurring natural and man-made calamities in the country – earthquake, flood, fire, and typhoons.


Playing Cards

Knowledge, response, disaster, and chance cards
that are educational and engaging.

Playing Dice and Pieces

6 playing pieces and 1 dice included in the set

Heart and Hero Tokens

50 Hero tokens, 50 Heart tokens and a unique scoring system to teach players and teamwork and responsibility

Packaging Box

Holds and organizes the contents and pieces of the game

Playing Board

Central piece of the board game.
Can accommodate 6 players

Game Manual

Explains the rules of the game