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ASSIST Internship Program

ASSIST Asia Internship Program

What You Can Expect

  • A professional working environment which will provide you with the right set of skills and knowledge during your internship.
  • Opportunities to meet people from different cultures, agencies, sectors, and fellow interns like you!
  • Travel opportunities to other parts of the Philippines, our regional offices in India and Vietnam, and other countries
  • Lots of learning while having fun!

Our Expectations

  • Know the people behind ASSIST and find out how you can help them during your internship.
  • Share your innovative ideas on how to promote Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation.
  • Take the initiative to support ASSIST daily undertakings and projects.
  • Promote ASSIST! Follow our social media sites and share them with your friends, colleagues, and other professional networks.

ASSIST Internship Program Rules and Conditions


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