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Any change starts with an inception of an idea among a group of focused individuals. This idea is realized by spreading awareness, bringing the stakeholders and target groups on board and empowering them to address the prevailing issues and be agents of change.

Under our Partner to Progress philosophy, we link up with other organizations to reach our goals: Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation.

We utilize the triple C approach: Communicate – Collaborate – Capacitate.

Communicate.  Address the problem and dovetail the solution based on the needs.
Collaborate.  Work together with partners and funding agencies to effectively implement the solution
Capacitate.  Enable the target groups to become agents of change.


Sustainable Transformation

ASSIST has actively implemented projects across the thematic focus area since 2003.  We emphasize the role of technology as an enabler of change and the need for knowledge products and tools for creating awareness and building capacity and for reaching sustenance of any initiative.


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”

George Bernard Shaw


Our Partners