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Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) is an international non-government organization focused on capacity building. It seeks to promote sustainable practices to address social problems in the developing world, with focus on Asia and Africa.

ASSIST takes pride in its process-oriented approach to capacity building towards social improvement and sustainable transformation. Its goal is to empower its target groups to make them resilient to the social, economic and environmental challenges.

It is presently based in Makati City, Philippines, but also has operations in India and Vietnam and manages projects in over 10 countries. Through its Partner to Progress philosophy, it has successfully implemented such projects in collaboration with the European Union, United Nation Environment Program (UNEP), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), USAID, International Finance Corporation (IFC), GIZ, and DEG/ KFW amongst other organizations.


Our Logo

The three human figures in different shades represent our respect for diversity and commitment to provide assistance to any organization, regardless of nationality, religion or beliefs.

The two hands represent our sincerity and willingness to assist partners in achieving social improvement and sustainable transformation.

Our end goal is to bring meaningful change in its truest form - transforming our world into a green planet, one that is sustainable to support the current and future generations.

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